I see you: Avatar

I’ve written a lot; my escape and my wanting to be captured. “Since Then” it’s been different. I dont know what’s happening but I dont really deserve to know. “So This is It”,… Continue reading

Phase of Expression shifts

As my phase of expression shifts, so will my headings. Heading currently to  speak aloud without a whisper available to blow. You will know the important aspects of what has kept this butterfly… Continue reading

Since Then

It’s definitely been a while since I have last written; I have been thinking and thinking and hesitating, and weighing. I have been trying to be honest with myself and muster any courage… Continue reading

So This Is It

I know it is over. Not just because I am not sorted, but because I am no longer an ideal match for you. My inconsistencies have proven me to be unreliable, dishonest, and… Continue reading

It’s Mine to Take

I spew my emotions out as they are distasteful to my heart. My fingers typing with a conviction of love, but committed by a  mentality of dysfunction. I focus on both my losing… Continue reading

The Ugly in the NUDE

I maximize every opportunity of validation through her failures. I, have become an opportunist in the worst way. Her sadness has served as a means of my support. I have no salary but… Continue reading

Phases.Emotional motioned towards Rational

As I release the current emotional aspect of my presence,  the phase to my transition is the reason for my heartache. Furthermore, my wants, desires, and plan will lay within the next plane.… Continue reading

HOLDing On

Letting you go is letting a piece of me go; death. You were my everything without truly existing. I have habituated myself as your habits become my own, displaying a lot of your… Continue reading

AmazinglyBrash Quote

Back against the wall still fearing whats behind me!!!!

su. I C. de

Sometimes I just want to jump right out of this skin because negativity has colored coded me in. I want to fuck when I’m in need, fuck to get over him, fuck to… Continue reading