Unlike Mind

I couldn’t imagine being you though I admire every inkling that makes you. When God created you, he definitely defined differences. What adolescent understands the dynamic of his spiritual belief system, the character… Continue reading

Darwins aLivE

“Every time he touches or allows himself to be touched in the smallest ways by her I cringe, simultaneously stimulated by the sexual chemistry that is perceived to exist within the comfort”. In… Continue reading


I hate you for moving on. I hate you for not caring about me romantically any longer. I hate you for having her around even when we were together. I hate you for… Continue reading


When do people really get over their traumas from childhood in adulthood? It’s magical how people can be casted as ugly because they don’t fit the prototype media casts. That someone 2 inches… Continue reading

Silent Bouts Silently Shout

My tears,  consistently lubricating the drain, a broken faucet has gone un-repaired. Unnoticed goes the quantity of water wasted. Consistent leakage has only replaced the concern of quality. How can I blame him.… Continue reading

Attention, not at all; Intentions, everything.

Blogging, STUPID! Why? You will read how sad I have been, the anger I feel, the resentment which exists, and the fear I withhold; that is a perfect mixture of a sad story… Continue reading

An Intimate Friends’ Perspective Relative to MY REALITY; ANXIETY

Friends Perspective: “I have thought myself into a corner, and I am claustrophobic. Anxiety sets in, causing a problem within a problem. Death enters my mind as an option but I know I… Continue reading